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Autumn at Day True

Posted on: October 19th, 2016 by admin_daytrue

Nothing signals change and variation better than Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (thanks John Keats). As you well know Day True is all about exploring new combinations, colour matches and product pairing. That’s why we’ve installed the Cea Cube in our Chelsea meeting hub, the Annex.

The Cube is designed to not only showcase Cea’s beautiful and unusual range of finishes, but also the exceptional quality of the construction of the fixings and concealed parts. Cea’s work is truly an art form; one of the many reasons why we have partnered with them for so long.

The Cube showcases 9 truly unique, on-trend metal finishes and 6 wood-finish handles. Paired with each other the combinations are endlessly warm and inviting – a bit like Autumn itself. Similarly all the fittings can be matched with each other so there is a design to suit each and every customer. And to crown it all off, all Cea fittings are made of eco-friendly stainless steel. We love a brand who loves the planet.

We’ve placed the Cube down in the Annex to give not only our clients but also visiting design professionals the chance to explore what Cea have to offer. The Annex is open to anyone in the industry, free of charge, to use as a meeting or presentation room. We want to give those who work from home or in a busy environment a space they can use to connect and work – and of course enjoy the palatial surroundings!