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Day True .2

Posted on: July 26th, 2017 by admin_daytrue

First impressions mean a lot to us. They’re why we opened a shiny new showroom in Chelsea in 2015, why we launched a brand new website at the beginning of the year, and why we re-print our beautiful brochure every couple of years – so that no matter which bit of Day True you come across first, you always get the best of us.

None of those things would exist without the existence of the Day True HQ, the mothership, our Maida Vale studio, and last year we decided it was time to make sure that our flagship showroom looked as good as the rest. Our vision for the space was not only somewhere that showcases our cool, cutting edge displays, but somewhere our customers and trade contacts can come to feel inspired, to show off their products and experience our trademark progressive designs and room settings.

We’re firm believers that the feel of any brand or showroom is just as important as the look and it’s always been our mission that our cornershop studios are open and available for anyone to take a look at. With this in mind we’ve installed our very first Day True garden, complete with grass (fake), flowers (real), benches (for everyone) and bees (for the planet).

Another thing that means a lot to us at Day True is progression – not just in terms of our designs but our business and our mission too. We hope when you visit the new showroom you’ll get a sense of how we’ve progressed in the last few years – a bigger, better, brighter Day True, more committed to good design and happy clients that we’ve ever been.