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Posted on: November 23rd, 2017 by admin_daytrue

What do we mean when we say something has ‘substance’? To us it means depth, quality, weight – that the subject in question is highly satisfactory and has ticked every box.

That’s certainly the end-game we hope for when we work on your home. There’s no paper and string involved, nothing done by halves. Just that renowned Day True quality, right down to the last lightbulb.

A cupboard isn’t just a cupboard – it’s been designed according to your taste and lifestyle and placed in the perfect position for you to grab your favourite mug with ease. It has exactly the right amount of shelves and depth and a handle that looks fabulous with the shade of paint it’s been lovingly coated with.

The floor isn’t just the floor. The floor is a work of art that will feel like a catwalk as you walk from the shower to the sink. The pattern will seamlessly blend with the rest of the walls, or give a pop of colour and drama to the space. The material will be beautiful, smooth and long-lasting and give your bathroom the wow factor the minute you enter.

A hob isn’t just a hob. The hob will be carefully selected in accordance with how long you spend in the kitchen and how much you like to cook. It will be a feature of the room, a stage for you to perform your cooking skills upon or it will be tucked away, barely noticed until you use it. It will suck up smells and grease before they have a chance to filter through the house. It will pretty much cook your meals for you.

That’s what we mean by substance. It’s easy to make a kitchen or bathroom look pretty – the hard work comes when we combine those aesthetics with highly functioning products, materials and furniture. But that’s why Day True are here, to do the hard work. You get the easy bit and we couldn’t be more delighted to help you get there.