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Happiness by Design

Posted on: April 18th, 2018 by admin_daytrue

Like many others, our industry is all about connections. At Day True we like our partners to reflect who we are as a business, to share values and passions, to have a common vision. We carefully select our associates that focus on beautiful quality design driven by a compelling need to provide something that adds not only to the eye but to the soul as well.

It was easy then to recall in our minds one of our recent partners, that focuses on delivering the best and customizable tiles from Morocco to the world: Popham Design. In 2017 we started this business relationship  and as often happens, this translated into a friendship and a constant learning from each other. It was under the laws of attraction that we joined forces and grew together.

But what stand as the Cornerstone of this unique bond?

In Paul Dolan’s words: Happiness by Design. We both found the balance between pleasure and purpose, focusing our attention on what we loved, feeling gratified once finished and proud of the result.

Stunning products, loyalty to traditional methods of design and manufacture, dedication to sustainable, eco-friendly methods are just few of what Popham loves to do. Where it has found its happiness. And is exactly what we love in them… Bonding through design.

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