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Milan Design Week: A Day True Overview

Posted on: May 16th, 2018 by admin_daytrue

Two weeks have passed since we attended Milan Design Week 2018. Breathtaking installations, innovative brands and one of a kind designs were just a few of the characteristics of this fair that conveniently for us happens to be at the start of summer… needless to say, a design heaven! Of the many beautiful and creative concepts we saw, we decided to shortlist a few trends that you will see a lot of this year and next. These are all worth to mention from our perspective.

Terrazzo. You know… we like to mix materials and play with the various textures and colours. It is our philosophy. It is progressive design. Hence, we were delighted to notice that this trend is shifting towards becoming a durable and still convincing style. There was a plot twist though. A newcomer claiming its share of design: Terrazzo. And he managed to capture our hearts… So, which of our lovely clients will be the first to let us design with it?

Fluting. Yes, a groove or set of grooves that form a surface decoration. Simple yet sophisticated. The good old fashion revival, that tastes like decadence with a sprout of modernism. Vertical fluting is appearing everywhere, whether it’s a gorgeous deep blue velvet headboard or a shower screen with black framing details. Interesting, classy and unexpected.

Rattan. This way of making furniture dates back a long way, the Romans were inspired by the Egyptian and adopted it as their own furniture technique due to its durability and resistance, but still preserving its lightness. Many years later, it’s made its way back into our living rooms.

Lastly, a trend that seems to last the test of time and a philosophy we consider when designing all of our bespoke interiors – Sustainability. We always design our products to last. When we design a kitchen or a bathroom, for us these are not just mere rooms in the house, we design it to become a chest of memories. Sympathetic to the colours and materials we use, ensuring that this kitchen doesn’t just last ten years, but it lasts a lifetime.