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Chocolate Chip Cookies – courtesy of @cyril_lignac

Posted on: March 25th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

As the country finds itself at Home, working, teaching, playing we thought it would be good as a team to share our favourite ideas, recipes, design tips and more to all of our lovely followers and friends, with the first of these being a chocolate chip cookie recipe, as witnessed, interpreted and shared by Erica, our Better Life consultant.

This is the perfect recipe to get the kids involved and have some fun, the recipe is inspired by a @cyril_lignac Instagram story, with Erica’s take on it below.

For 20 cookies

120g soft brown (muscovado) sugar
120g caster sugar
300g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
175g unsalted butter
A large egg
190g milk chocolate
190g dark chocolate



(mostly ’as witnessed’ from Cyril’s IG Live cook along in his home kitchen as he observes the lockdown in Paris – and he pronounces ‘live’ as we do in English – I checked!)

Measure out, and have ready all of your ingredients (you can add the baking powder to the flour if you like now, and stir together – Cyril added it just before he added the egg, but I can’t think of a good reason why he would do that!)

Cut the butter into squares and leave to soften (NOT to sweat/melt) – at room temperature – near a sunny window will speed this up

(click to watch)


Erica’s Pro Tip: if your ‘soft’ brown sugar is left over from last Christmas and seems a bit hard (mine was both), weigh it, put it in a bowl, soak a super clean cloth with clean hot water, squeeze it out, then ‘drape casually’ over the top of the bowl (without actually touching the sugar) for an hour or two – it can sit by the butter and keep it company. The sugar will spend this time absorbing moisture and softening back to its prime.

Chop the chocolate into bits and pieces – not so large that the dough can’t easily hold them together, but large enough to matter in a final cookie.

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(Substitutions: ‘as much chocolate as you have’, if you don’t have as much as the recipe; you can also add or substitute nuts and/or dried fruit)

In a large bowl, using a whisk/wooden spoon/spatula or any combination of the three – whatever works best – beat the butter to make it smooth. Add the (two) sugars, and keep on beating until all are blended (‘official’ baking term: you are ‘creaming’ them together)

Pro tip: you can also use a stand mixer or an electric blender if your butter is not quite soft enough (I did, eventually!), but if the butter is soft enough you don’t need special tools for this recipe.

Crack your egg into a cup/small bowl and break up with a fork; add to the sugar and butter; mix together well.

Add in the flour (sifting in the flour together with the baking powder will help mix these evenly). Mix the flour into the ‘creamed’ ingredients – you don’t need to beat, just mix enough so that you can’t see any white flour. Then do the same with the chopped chocolate – stir it in just to mix it through fairly evenly.

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You now should have a ‘dough’ – a stiff and shaggy mix that needs taming into a shape like a log. Put the dough onto your (clean!) work surface (probably best on a sheet of baking parchment or clingfilm) and push it and roll it and pat it together until it is log shaped.

Now chill it – Fridge it, Freeze it, Blast-chill it (thank you AEG – I love this gizmo), just enough to let it feel cool and to stabilise it as you cut it into pieces – it should not actually freeze.

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Set your oven to 170ºC, fan (fun fact: Cyril uses a Miele oven at home – we recognised its ‘tune’); when it is at temperature, cut the log into 20 discs of cookie dough, place on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment (allow the cookies lots of space around them to spread out while they bake). Cookies will take about 10 minutes and should be a bit golden when ready; but no more than 12 to 15 max – you want them to stay soft in the middle even after they have cooled.

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Cool on a wire rack, don’t try and move them too early (we did, and we had at least one casualty – which had to be eaten IMMEDIATELY! (just to save our blushes!)