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Pantry Love

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“We believe that good design should be available to everyone, we are always approachable.”

A pantry is at the top of the list for kitchen must-haves.

Yes, they are back, the Panty, a throwback from Victorian times, is a must have in any contemporary kitchen. With the increase in open plan kitchen living and large feature islands, there is a need for somewhere to store all those things you want to keep out of view. The pantry options are endless, from a ‘breakfast cupboard’ housing coffee machines and toasters to a ‘Drinks station’ with wine cooler and drinks display. The ultimate Pantry is a walk-in space with worktop area and plenty of shelves to store dry foods and provide overspill storage for the main kitchen.

Meet Tony & Hayley

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“We believe that good design should be available to everyone, we are always approachable.”

Founded by Tony and Hayley Robson in 2013, Day True creates and delivers kitchens, bathrooms and home spaces that enhance everyday life. A kitchen, bathroom and home retailer with a difference. Our friendly and human approach is driven by the firm belief that good design has the potential to improve happiness and wellbeing. With over 50 years combined experience within the industry, we design, source and supply to be able to offer a consistent, considered approach to our clients. We work directly with homeowners as well as the professional market, we tailor our service to support you with as little or a much help as you need.

Outside Living

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“Extending our living spaces into the garden is not really a trend, it’s a way of life.”


The inside, outside trend has been prevalent for some time now. We all crave natural daylight, fresh air and sunshine. Extending our living spaces into the garden is now easier than ever. Pop in and ask about our ‘outdoor’ products to create your new outside space.

Clever choices of materials and finishes play an important role in making indoor and outdoor spaces link, we aim to match the tone and texture of floor finishes to blend the transition in materials. For example using a herringbone wood flooring, then matching the colour and scale to a tile which can be used externally creates the effect of one continuous floor running from inside to outside.

Exterior furniture and lighting solutions have vastly improved, I’m glad to say we have moved on from the plastic garden set or picnic table. The options are endless and affordable and allow you to create external living spaces with sofa’s, rugs and accessories all wrapped up in beautiful perennial fabrics that are weatherproof, resistant to sunlight and can be left outside all year long. Rattan and Lloyd loom-style furniture are popular; this colonial influence is timeless and introduces elegance combined with natural materials and textures.

Outdoor kitchens are tipped to be an emerging trend, which is not surprising with warmer climates and the increase in home cooking and outside living. Pop into our Wimbledon garden to see our ‘Outdoor kitchen’ complete with ‘Big Green Egg bbq, built-in Tandoor oven and drawer cool storage which can instantly swap from freezer to fridge function at the touch of a button!

Latest Colour Trends

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“Green has been a big trend everywhere this year, especially in kitchens.”

Bringing the outside in has been a huge trend for interiors, this was first reflected in the resurgence of house plants (we know, we have been cultivating Spider plants like crazy) but this colour has now transcended into wall and furniture finishes. The brain tends to associate green with nature and the great outdoors, green can have a calming, stress easing effect, it’s fresh and vibrant. Mixing green with brass detailing and natural finishes create a timeless solution that radiates personality, as seen here in our Wimbledon showroom.

Pop in and see our spider plant family.

Erica’s choc chip cookies

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

120g soft brown (muscovado) sugar
120g caster sugar
300g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
175g unsalted butter
A large egg
200g (or thereabouts) milk and dark chocolate

Measure out all of your ingredients – add the baking powder to the flour, stir together Cut the butter into squares and leave to soften Chop the chocolate into chunk sized bits and pieces In a large bowl, beat the butter to make it smooth. Add the (two) sugars and keep on beating until all are blended Add the egg to the sugar and butter; mix together well. Stir in the flour– just until you can’t see any white bits. Stir in the chocolate, so that it is distributed fairly evenly. You now should have a ‘dough’ – a stiff and shaggy mix that needs taming into a shape like a log. Put the dough onto a work surface (probably best on a sheet of baking parchment or clingfilm) and push, roll, and pat it together until it is log shaped – chill it for approx. 30 minutes. Set your oven to 170ºC, fan (or equivalent) Cut the dough ‘log’ into 20 x discs of cookie dough; place on a baking sheet lined with baking parchment (allow the cookies lots of space around them to spread out while they bake). Bake for about 10-12 minutes – until golden. Cool on a wire rack, eat as soon as possible!

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#Chefs in real kitchens

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

While in lockdown, we’ve been exercising our professional curiosity about lives lived in kitchens by tuning into Instagram and the live feeds of some real-life chefs, temporarily consigned to life at home. If you have a moment to spare, check out our recent blog posts, and we can talk you through some of that experience!

Where we started, was with a handsome Frenchman, alone in his kitchen, teaching the world how his successful restaurants make their chocolate chip cookies – aided and abetted only by an iPhone, one pair of hands, and a willingness to share something that might make others feel comforted. It was an eye-opener; as much an act of vulnerability as generosity, and it touched our hearts! We shared a first (more detailed) version of that recipe on our blog, and since then there is no shortage of recipes for lockdown cookies, banana cake, etc, that you can tune into and make your own (so long as you can find ingredients!). But those cookies now feel like ‘ours’ – a warm memory of the beginning of a different time of just a few short weeks ago, when we might otherwise have felt a bit scared and alone but realised instead that we were all in this together.

How can we give you a better life?

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

How? you may well ask! Our aim at Day True is to design you a kitchen that takes into account all the skills and habits you already know about yourself but may not have thought too much about, or thought that we would be interested to ask about. What’s the first corner of the room that you turn to in the morning? What’s the limit that tests your last nerve at the end of a day? And, in between those two extremes, a host of mundane, humane, glorious detail we absolutely want – and need – to know.

We know that people expect us to be the experts and advisers on the normal nuts and bolts – the furniture, appliances, aesthetics and accessories; the timing and the price – and for us these elements are a given. But a kitchen that is truly tailor-made for you must also be fitted around the objects and habits that make you and yours unique – with a little room left beside for some ambition or anxiety for the future.

There is temptation to think that we will change ourselves to suit a new kitchen – that a ‘better self’ will be unearthed because the furniture requires it, because someone else is expert on how lives should be lived or edited and has made this ‘right’. But here’s the thing, a truly great kitchen design – one that will make your life better while accommodating all the elements you already hold dear – requires extremes of curiosity and care that only the very best design team will pride themselves in bringing to your table. We are that team, and we will make your life ‘better’, because we care to explore a level of detail that makes living ’better’ possible.

Compact Living

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

The new collection from Rexa Design is exclusively avaiable from Day True.

The Compact living range is a reaction to the trend in personalisation in interiors, we are seeing an increasing demand for clients wanting bespoke or unique items that are not just cookie cutter style, their homes are a reflection of their personality and therefore the items they choose, inherit or collects should translate this. The beauty of this collection is the mixing of materials and the ability to arrange them together in endless compositions, like adult Lego, what’s not to love! Corian basins and accessories in eight new Corian finishes combine with lacquered or wooden drawers and open shelf sections, then mix in some metal accessories and funky lighting and the cocktail is complete.

Pop into one of our showrooms to see the samples and have a play.

Spatial planning is our superpower

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“A simple change of space can have a huge impact on the design.”


Our first step in any design process is to understand and investigate the distribution, volume and scale of a space, how the rooms work and understand the journey around a room. In most cases our homes were planned in an historic era where the needs and rituals of everyday life are far different from how we live today.

Our approach is simple; we maximise natural light, we utilise every inch of space, we create volume, sight lines and reflections to create an impression of space. We simplify textures and materials creating a clean palette that is not confusing to the eye, we also research every element to the finest detail to provide the right solution for the space.

The spatial planning stage is always the most exciting from our perspective, this is where we believe we can truly improve your life and create the biggest impact on how your home works. It is our superpower, but it is based on years of design experience and expertise in the latest products and innovations.

We work with the ‘Don’t move-improve’ initiative and regularly host design surgery sessions at the Building Centre in London, which is essentially a home renovation in a speed dating format. We provide instant advice on layouts of kitchens, bathrooms and interiors, we recognise that most people will buy a kitchen or a home only a couple of times in their lifetime, which is where our knowledge is powerful. There is no point in having a home that looks great, but doesn’t function very well, the key to a successful design is getting both of these crucial elements right, as the saying goes….form, follows function.

If you are planning a project, please pop into any of our showrooms or book a virtual meeting and we can offer a free consultation to see how we can help.

“Planning the layout of a space is the first stage of any project. Getting it right is key to a successful design.”


Redefining how we use our homes

Posted on: August 11th, 2020 by admin_daytrue

“Good design makes a real difference and has the potential to improve happiness and wellbeing.”


I think its fair to say we have all experienced a change of life because of Covid-19. Isolation has resulted in us spending more time in our homes and has forced changes to our daily routines. At Day True our sole focus has always been to give people better lives through the use of progressive design; we believe that our homes are the key aspect for happiness and wellbeing. Maximizing the potential and functionality of every space has always been our approach, even more so now our homes must provide multi-functional, flexible spaces to allow this new way of living, home working spaces for our Zoom meetings, somewhere to exercise and work out with space to move and store equipment.

Then just as important, spaces to relax and escape and rejuvenate. Home cooking is also on the rise, our kitchens have to work harder than ever now that we are all experts in banana bread and home baking!

If you’re new to Day True, read on and get to know us a little. Better still, come and see us – it’s safe to say we’re open.