#Chefs in real kitchens

While in lockdown, we’ve been exercising our professional curiosity about lives lived in kitchens by tuning into Instagram and the live feeds of some real-life chefs, temporarily consigned to life at home. If you have a moment to spare, check out our recent blog posts, and we can talk you through some of that experience!

Where we started, was with a handsome Frenchman, alone in his kitchen, teaching the world how his successful restaurants make their chocolate chip cookies – aided and abetted only by an iPhone, one pair of hands, and a willingness to share something that might make others feel comforted. It was an eye-opener; as much an act of vulnerability as generosity, and it touched our hearts! We shared a first (more detailed) version of that recipe on our blog, and since then there is no shortage of recipes for lockdown cookies, banana cake, etc, that you can tune into and make your own (so long as you can find ingredients!). But those cookies now feel like ‘ours’ – a warm memory of the beginning of a different time of just a few short weeks ago, when we might otherwise have felt a bit scared and alone but realised instead that we were all in this together.