Exclusive Designs


Look closer Traffic, people, shops – at first glance these city streets look the same. You need to look closer to see the difference. The subtle glamour hidden within the detail; the tasteful combination of texture, colour and finish – all the things that make SW10 so unique.   Inspired by the design intelligence woven into the streets of Chelsea, the SW10 is a truly different, hand-crafted, bespoke kitchen. Carved from solid wood that’s punctuated with satin brass and a customised liquid metal finish, every detail is considered, balanced and very much at home.



A village in a metropolis The homeliness of a hamlet, combined with the excitement of a city. The comfort of a familiarity, combined with the thrill of originality. A village in a metropolis. The best of both worlds. Inspired by this village within a metropolis, W9 is a traditionally crafted, handmade in-frame kitchen, combined with the industrial glamour of contemporary design. Being both plain and ornate, down to earth and ostentatious, it is unique and it works. Because it is the best of both worlds.



Exclusive Italian Design Day True is very privileged to work exclusively with Rexa Design. The balanced simplicity of their stunning ranges of bathroom products exude well-being, betraying their idyllic, sustainable, working space in the middle of the beautiful Italian countryside. Created by blending highly technical materials like Corian® and Korakril™ with natural ceramics and traditional materials, a Rexa bathroom is an original bathroom.