Architectural and design interiors

Dulwich Kitchen

Private Client

For this project, our task was simple: keeping the space and the environment clean and smooth as much as possible. Our clients were an artistic couple that wanted to give space to their art and bundle it with a neat and functional design.

They approached us to take care of their kitchen, whilst renovating their dream house, so for us was a big responsibility to deliver a modern look to it, keeping it bright and with a timeless look.

As the clients wanted to showcase their precious pottery, we decided to give to it the right space adding as unique feature a liquid metal extractor, that kept the bright room warm and cozy. In addition the open fit-to-scale shelves allowed them to showcase their art even more.

The kitchen presents a beautiful composit textured stone top, that gave space and mixed with the warmth of the walnut wooden top and extractor. The small corridor presents bespoke cabinets with a fitted wine cooler and silver handles.

Ultimately, the hidden pantry allowed us to give a clean look to the kitchen, but at the same time, provided a useful and functional space, without drawing attention of the viewer away from the garden and the calmness of the room