Chelsea Flat 1


After living in their apartment for just over a year and struggling with their poor layout, this couple approached us for help with a complete reconfiguration. They wanted to completely change the layout of the place, so we started by bringing to life their dream of two new bathrooms.

This particular bathroom started its life as a small coat storage within the guest bedroom, so we had to build it from scratch. It was important to reflect the couples glowing personalities so we decided to go for a polished look whilst playing with simple, bright colors. In order to give this bathroom, the burst of energy it desires, we opted for Popham tiles, then paired them with brushed red gold of the tap, to give the bathroom enough warmth to elegantly bring all surfaces together.

A mixture of clean tile lines, with the sharp architectural feel of the REXA Corian basin balanced on the warmth of the Spekva vintage oil ash brings a sleek but user-friendly feel. We then styled the basin area with Vibia’s Palma pendant & asymmetrically placed a Broste Copenhagen landscape mirror for the finishing touches.