Fulham Bathroom Sink Unit

Fulham Bathroom


Intended as a kids bathroom for 3 young boys, the aim for this space was to keep it fun and playful whilst adding smooth finishes.

The clients were keen to keep the space monochromatic and wanted to add as much storage as possible. We opted for a black and white color palette and to keep the brassware all matt black. To create a flow we opened for black and white tiles that we randomly laid and that helped to give a playful look for the space.

We decided to use the ceiling height to add a tall recessed wall cabinet above the W/C and inserted a base unit with wood texture to add warmth to the room and to give the necessary storage.

The shower purposefully designed to be next to the window as this was the most practical layout came with a challenge as the window needed to be water proof. In order to solve the issue, we chose to add a frosted glass panel in front of the window to prevent damage and we also kept the stain glass window above it as the original color feature of the bathroom.