Design kitchens



For this project, result of a collaboration, the clients were downsizing to a smaller place and they were interested in a whole house renovation, so they needed clever use of space especially for the kitchen, dining room and utility room.

As they wanted their kitchen to be a social and entertaining space yet keeping its functionality and with a slightly traditional touch, we decided to keep the space clean but with all the necessary appliances handy.

The bespoke kitchen style was inspired by our W9 kitchen, mixing our timeless green with a light gray, making it the feature of the space and the joinery, ultimately giving the island a smooth contrast with the cabinets behind.

The burnished brass cup handles were then added to give a timeless feel that won’t become redundant or saturate the room.

As the clients had from their previous house plenty of glassware, we included in the joinery a hidden bar, with walnut shelves and a hidden wine cooler, allowing them to have a station easy to use and at the same time effortless to hide, for quieter nights.