Maida Vale


This couple approached us for the second phase of their whole house refurbishment, and we were asked to rethink their space and the entire layout of the first floor which included, the master bedroom, walk in wardrobe and en-suite.
Originally, the master bedroom commanded the smallest amount of space, falling behind a huge en-suite bathroom, large walk in wardrobe & an additional shower room.
The clients were dissatisfied with the strange floorplan and wanted to even out the room to en-suite ratio. Therefore, we decided to reduce the overall footprint of the bathroom whilst at the same time refreshing its complete look to something more contemporary and progressive.
The focus was on creating something that was not only practical and appealing but would give a timeless design, making it interesting and appealing throughout years.
They were really keen to explore a more proportioned layout and were really happy when we suggested creating a new bedroom, by simply downsizing the massive en-suite bathroom and huge walk in wardrobe.
We had to work around the unchangeable and instead of allowing these to impact negatively on the overall design, we worked them into our plans and used them to our advantage. It was essential to maintain the feeling of openness and bright light that the previous design had. With this in mind, we opted for CEA brassware due to its organic lines & delicate spouts. They paired perfectly with the sharp & seamless lines within the bath & shower.
Styled with the Foscarini Gregg pendant, the pebble like shape gave beautiful low-level ambient light, which softened the overall look and helped create a tranquil space, perfect for relaxing after a long hard day.