Queens Gate 1&2


With this property, we had the opportunity to design two brand new bathrooms with quite different style but a common ground of progressiveness and fashion.

We designed a monochrome bathroom with black and brass detailing for this client - classic yet striking and a look that won't age or go out of style. We created a bespoke brass frame for the sink to sit on, with Astro Cage lights either side of the mirror.
We created a monochromatic contrast in the space - proving that pattern and color can work in a small space in the right amounts!
Compact spaces really benefit from being painted a darker color and we like to avoid the stigma of painting them brilliant white - take a risk in your bathroom and you'll usually find it pays off!

With the second bathroom as it's the first thing you see upon entering the property, a fresh, funky look was essential.
We were struggling to find a tile bright enough to give that wow factor but stumbled upon Balineum Series S hand-painted tiles which were perfect!
We used them in the shower with gold brassware for a bit of bling and as a splash back up to the ceiling, adding some drama but not an overkill of pattern and/or color in this fairly compact space