Spatial planning is our superpower

“A simple change of space can have a huge impact on the design.”


Our first step in any design process is to understand and investigate the distribution, volume and scale of a space, how the rooms work and understand the journey around a room. In most cases our homes were planned in an historic era where the needs and rituals of everyday life are far different from how we live today.

Our approach is simple; we maximise natural light, we utilise every inch of space, we create volume, sight lines and reflections to create an impression of space. We simplify textures and materials creating a clean palette that is not confusing to the eye, we also research every element to the finest detail to provide the right solution for the space.

The spatial planning stage is always the most exciting from our perspective, this is where we believe we can truly improve your life and create the biggest impact on how your home works. It is our superpower, but it is based on years of design experience and expertise in the latest products and innovations.

We work with the ‘Don’t move-improve’ initiative and regularly host design surgery sessions at the Building Centre in London, which is essentially a home renovation in a speed dating format. We provide instant advice on layouts of kitchens, bathrooms and interiors, we recognise that most people will buy a kitchen or a home only a couple of times in their lifetime, which is where our knowledge is powerful. There is no point in having a home that looks great, but doesn’t function very well, the key to a successful design is getting both of these crucial elements right, as the saying goes….form, follows function.

If you are planning a project, please pop into any of our showrooms or book a virtual meeting and we can offer a free consultation to see how we can help.

“Planning the layout of a space is the first stage of any project. Getting it right is key to a successful design.”