The Day True Award Winning Kitchen that’s not very ‘Kitcheny’

Day True have won an award! KBB have made us the Kitchen Designer of the Year for this project in Marylebone, London.

34c-Upper-Montagu (8)

We are of course completely delighted, but it’s indicative of a change in attitudes, living styles and the premiumisation of space in London, that we’ve won an award for a kitchen that is less of a kitchen and more of an extended living space. Of course it still has the elements you would expect, it’s just that they’re hidden behind a layer of highly practical luxury and the unique Day True timeless mix of design styles.

The appliances are largely invisible, leaving the eye to be drawn to the unique and beautiful features we really wanted to show off, like our brass extractor, taps and lights. To maximise the space available, we kept all the visible units at worktop height and arranged all the tall, storage units on a return wall, so the kitchen can be kept clean and tidy at all times. The marble wall provides a luxurious backdrop without taking centre stage and a corner unit hides the kettle, toaster and other worktop appliances.

By knocking through three rooms and using a continuous herringbone floor throughout, we created a practical, bright integrated living space in this unique first floor Georgian townhouse. We like it very much. But as everyone working in the creative industry knows, it takes a good, trusting, client for a project to be a truly successful. So what we are really saying is, thank you to our many, varied clients – this is their award too…